Mazie Green Holland: The Woman 


Mrs. Mazie Green Holland is an American humanitarian, development planner and internationally known community organizer. She chairs and directs a host of community organizations, foundations and religious projects; namely, they are the U.S. Representative for Disapora Forum Mission in Accra, Ghana, the Director of Public Relations for Micro Credit in Africa and Chair of the Paul A. Dillard Memorial Library Foundation at Howard University. 

Mrs. Holland is a native of the State of Virginia (USA) and a lifetime resident of the Washington Metropolitan area. Having lived and worked all of her adult life in the District of Columbia, she has served as campaign manager for several local politicians, who, thereafter, were elected. A retiree from education and research at the University of the District of Columbia, Department of Urban and Regional Planning and the Center for Applied Research and Urban Policy, hers is a career totaling thirty-four years. 

Often called the Nation's Capitol's Humanitarian, Mrs. Holland has served her city well, but has also travelled extensively, covering five continents and forty-one of the fifty United States.

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