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Mrs. Mazie Green Holland is the U.S. Representative for Disapora Forum Mission, headquartered in Accra, Ghana. As such, she is responsible for all matters pertaining to persons of African Descent, commonly termed, displaced Africans brought about by the slave trade, which dispatched individuals from our homeland, Africa, to countless ports in the world. There are Africans, African Americans, Native Americans and other Americans of African heritage living outside of Africa, who may be reconnected to Africa through education, research and travel. 

Mrs. Holland's constant travel to and from Africa, accompanying groups of individuals - including students of all ages - to exxperience, firsthand, the wonders of the Motherland, has proven extremely successful. She has conducted preliminiary seminars and workshops; engaged knowledgeable speakers and seasoned travelers to inform and prepare the diasporas for their first trip back to Africa. 

Mazie Green Holland has been honored three times for her humanitarian work in numerous countries in North and West Africa, for her outstanding accomplishments and physical support both on the African Continent and in the United States. Most recently, she received an international achievement award at the African International Media Summit in Tunis, Tunisia for her work with the group, Youths In The Diaspora. Last year, she received the prestigious International Business Women's Award, presented in the United Kingdom. Previously, she was awarded the coveted Shirley Alexander Hart Humanitarian Award presented by the International Association of Ministers Wives and Widows (IAMWMW). This award is significant because this organization is composed of 43,000 ministers' wives and ministers' widows and represents 138 denominations including those in this country and abroad. It's purpose is to unite ministers' wives and widows of various Christian denominations into one Christian fellowship. 

Mrs. Holland has a long and successful history of humanitarian efforts that produce, develop and orchestrate events that change the lives of individuals and communities of people, who are in need. In her remarks about Holland, Dr. Celeste Ashe Johnson, president of the IAMWMW, commended her for her significant contributions to the intellectual, cultural and social worth of the African-American woman in America, and the African woman on the continent. 

Among her many humanitarian ventures, has been her association with African Ambassadors Spouses Association and her work with MICA, Inc. (Micro Credit in Africa). Under her tutelage, Madam Haoua Diatta, the wife of the ambassador of Niger, founded MICA. Mrs. Holland remains the co-founder and public relations director. 

She is the first and current chairperson of the Paul Anthony Dilliard Junior Memorial Foundation Scholarship and Reading Room, housed at the Howard University School of Divinity. Currently, in its eleventh year, the Foundation has provided scholarships to students in the pursuit of degrees in the ministry of the gospel. 

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